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Den 1

                Watch for a steady stream of scouts from Den 1 going up to receive the Bear Badge at the upcoming Blue & Gold Dinner. The Wolf Den Scouts have been concentrating on the requirements for the Bear badge in recent meetings and everyone is expected to complete them (just barely) before the Dinner.

          Recently the scouts of Den 1 joined Lt. Kingston of the North Kingstown Police Department for a tour of the Police Station. Being a policeman does not mean you go around shooting people and playing with guns, Lt. Kingston explained to the boys. He showed the boys. He showed the boys all of the other parts of a police officer’s uniform and explained some of his many duties. While they would have preferred to check out his weapons, Will, Ryan and Greg enjoyed trying on his hat for size. During the tour, Doug thought the cellblock bunk looked like a good place for a nap. Kahill had to convince him to get up and join us for the rest of the tour. Billy was impressed with the video camera surveillance of the station. Evan, Cory, Lenny and Brandon were hoping to be fingerprinted, but that had to be done at a Den meeting because there was not time. All the boys enjoyed learning about police officer’s job of protecting and serving people. Thanks again to Lt. Kingston, who is also an Eagle Scout, for the tour and answering the many questions the scouts had.

          Future plans for Den 1 may include a Providence Bruins game, woodworking projects for the Bear badge, tubing at Yawgoo Ski Area and a trip to the Battleship Massachusetts.

Den 7

                                    Den 7 meets on Wednesdays at 6pm at the den leaders home. They have just finished the showman pin and are currently working on the fitness pin. Hopefully all of the boys will finish their Fitness and be able to get their Webelos award at the upcoming Blue & Gold Banquet.


 Den 8

                             Den 8 meets on Sunday afternoons at the den leaders home. Each of the boys are working hard on their activity pins and finishing up the requirements for the Arrow of Light. They are visiting Boy Scout troops and getting ready to bridge over to Boy Scouts at the Blue & Gold Banquet.