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Pack News

December 1999


       Pack 1 has had a very busy December. In addition to all the normal holiday activities that the scouts participate in we finished a successful popcorn sale. Congratulations to Andrew L. for being the top salesman in the Pack with over $1000  in popcorn sales. And thank you to all the other scouts who did a great in this fundraiser.

            The annual Pack Meeting / Christmas Party was a good time had by all, with Santa helping with the awards before talking to each individual Scout. He also presented each scout with a small gift, surprise they were Pinewood Derby cars.

            The following awards were presented:

            Webelos Pins

*   Fitness-Mat L., Josh M.

*   Family Member-Nick O.,Andrew O.,

*   Athlete-Eric P.

*   Scholar-Eric P.         

*   Sportsman-Eric P.

*   Showman-Chris A.

*   Geologist-Chris A.

*   Craftsman-Chris A., Josh M.

*   Artist-Chris A.

*   Outdoorsman-Josh M.

*   Engineer-Josh S.

*   Communicator-Alex P.

*   Citizen-Eric P., Chris A., Josh M., Jordan B., Josh S., Joe C., Jason H.,

            Compass Patch-Josh S., Josh M.

            Compass Point-Eric P.


            Belt Loops

*   Skating-Mat L., Matt S.

*   Bicycling- Mat L., Matt S., Matt B., Andrew O., Nick O., Trevor H., Alex P., Josh B., Andrew L., Jacob C.


The meeting was then followed by a few holiday games.


      On Sunday the 19th the Pack gathered for an evening of Christmas Caroling. We met and then proceeded around the neighborhood singing carols. We stopped at several homes. Homes of elderly, friends and just people we knew. After the caroling the group all gathered for refreshments are a nice campfire. The evening really helped the holiday spirit.

      Until next month everyone have a safe and happy holiday.





                                                                                    Pack 1 at maize maze